A Nova Scotia woman who, along with her husband, gave away 98 per cent of an $11.2-million lottery windfall has died after a long battle with cancer. The couple said they didn't need the money because they were "happy with everything we've got."

Violet Large passed away in a Truro hospital on Saturday. She was 79.

Her husband, Allen, and her family were by her side when she died.

"I think her legacy is in the salt of the earth person that she was," neighbour Laurie Sandeson told CTV Atlantic. "So unassuming, so modest in anything that she ever did for somebody."

The Larges made headlines when they won $11.2 million in a Lotto 6/49 jackpot on July 14, 2010.

After collecting their jackpot, the couple decided to give away 98 per cent of their winnings to family members, local churches, and volunteer and community groups, spreading the enormous wealth around their community.

When interviewed by CTV Atlantic after they hit the jackpot last summer, the couple said they were content with what they had.

"At our age, what do we need?" Violet Large said. "We have each other, we're happy with everything we've got. We're country hicks."

Allen pointed out that the couple already had "sufficient (money) put away for retirement."

In February, the Truro Rotary Club gave the couple an award for their generosity. On Monday, members observed a moment of silence for Violet.

Rev. Ian Harrison of the Old Barns United Church visited the couple at home many times, and said their generosity was always evident.

"I would never leave the house without something in my hands on the way out," Harrison told CTV Atlantic.

"Violet would always give you something to eat or something later on, like a parting gift to say thank you for dropping in and seeing us."

A funeral for Violet Large will be held in Truro on Tuesday afternoon.

With a report from CTV Atlantic's Dan MacIntosh