As the global economy spirals downward and fears of a recession abound, some Canadians are leaning increasingly on otherworldly advisers to get them through the hard times.

Psychics say that since the financial crisis hit in September, their clients have been asking them more and more questions about their financial futures.

"There's a lot of anxiety about the economy, especially around Halloween," says psychic Ralph Hamelmann.

He told that economic insecurity has shot to the top of the list of his clients' worries, even challenging romantic relationships as their number one concern.

The financial crisis has become such a concern that five of the Toronto-area's leading psychics recently joined forces to give their economic outlook, much in the same way global business and political leaders have been doing in recent weeks.

Hamelmann, one of the organizers of the "Psychic Brunch," which formulated the outlook, says their five-member group believes that Canada will go through a "three-year rough patch" before the economy begins to recover.

"We're trying to comfort people in a challenging period by saying that when we go through this rough patch, hang in there, because in three years time we'll come out stronger than ever," Hamelmann told from Toronto.

Hamelmann said the Psychic Brunch, which meets twice a month at Toronto restaurants to raise money for charity, agreed that Canada will be in much better shape than the U.S. to weather the uncertain economic times.

"America won't be the same superpower it once was. Every empire rises and falls and the U.S. will be the same -- it won't have as much influence," he said, predicting that at the end of the three years, "capitalism as we know it is going to change."

Calgary-based clairvoyant psychic medium Christine Hurley isn't predicting a wholesale economic upheaval. But, like the Psychic Brunch members, she's also seen a surge in clients seeking economic advice.

"Oh boy, have I ever," she told by phone from Calgary.

"A lot my clients are wondering what to do with their investments."

Hurley said her advice isn't geared to specific stocks, but instead she tells her clients to keep the big economic picture in mind.

"My biggest advice: just leave your investments alone," she said.

Hurley says she doesn't follow the markets on a day-to-day basis. Instead, she says she receives pictures and images giving her insights about the broader economic situation.

"It comes into my head. I know it's right. I walk with one foot in this world and one foot in the other," she said.

She says the markets will stabilize once the U.S. election is over and Americans begin focusing on domestic policies while curtailing foreign operations in Iraq.

Both Hamelmann and Hurley admit that many people will be skeptical about taking financial advice from psychics. But Hurley noted that her clients include people from all professions, even stockbrokers.

"Everybody -- it doesn't matter who you are -- everybody needs some advice and some help," she says.