Social media users had their knives out for former radio host Jian Ghomeshi's new podcast project as soon as he announced it on Twitter on Monday.

Ghomeshi used the first tweet from his new Twitter account to tout "The Ideation Project," sparking a torrent of angry responses.

"Hi. For those interested, here is something I've been working on," Ghomeshi tweeted.

The project website describes it as a "creative adventure with the aim of taking a bigger picture view on newsworthy issues and culture." The site says Ghomeshi is responsible for the words, original music, recording and production associated with the project.

"In a 140-character environment, nuance is often a casualty," the project's About page says.

There was very little nuance to people's reactions on Twitter. Most simply didn't want to see anything from Ghomeshi.

Some were critical of the content itself, with one user saying: "Sorry man, but it's just not very good. Swing and a miss."

Others urged Ghomeshi to fade back into obscurity.

The Ideation Project website features a roughly six-minute monologue called "Exiles," done in the style of Ghomeshi's old intros for "Q" at CBC. Ghomeshi speaks about globalization and multiculturalism in the rhyme-filled monologue, which is accompanied by up-tempo background music.

The website includes subpages for original music, a podcast and "tracks."

Ghomeshi was fired from the CBC in October 2014. The broadcaster said at the time that it had seen "graphic evidence" that he had caused physical injury to a woman.

Ghomeshi was acquitted of all charges in a highly publicized sex assault trial in March 2016.

In a separate trial in May 2016, Ghomeshi apologized to a former colleague who accused him of sexually assaulting her at work. The sexual assault charges were withdrawn and Ghomeshi signed a peace bond at the conclusion of the case. "I now recognize that I crossed boundaries inappropriately," Ghomeshi said in his prepared apology.

His lawyer said, at the time, that the conclusion of the case was not an admission of guilt.