The Diva’s Guide to Dinner Parties is the ultimate guide for those wanting to host their own divalicious dinner parties.


  • Do work out what you are going to wear before you start cooking - mise en place works just as well for clothes as well as food.
  • Don't wear your 7-inch Jimmy Choos while preparing the food - it would be a shame to spend the evening in emerg while your guests enjoy your champagne.

Menu Selection  

  • Do ensure you know your guests' dietary requirements - an anaphylactic episode will make your party remembered for years to come but possibly not in a good way.
  • Don't decide to cut out all the fat in the recipe because you are dieting - the fat gives you all the flavour (just plan on an extra long brisk walk the next day to burn off the calories, sans the 7-inch Jimmies!)


  • Do read the recipe, understand the recipe and preferably try the recipe out prior to the night of your dinner party. Remember Rachel's Shepherd's Pie in Friends?
  • Don't forget to prep everything that you can in advance and remember your watch (hopefully your diamond encrusted Cartier) leading up to a dinner party ticks faster!


  • Do be clever with your cocktails, a signature drink never fails to raise the bar and can get the party off to a real swing.
  • Don't forget to also plan a playful dry drink as well, designated drivers should be celebrated not ignored


  • Do splurge on filling your space with fresh flowers and beeswax candles, and showcasing your best glassware and crockery (plastic plates may make the washing up easier but this isn't the thrifty guide to dinner parties.
  • Don't put out all of the food at once; leave some packaged up in the kitchen, if it runs out you can top it up but if not you have gained one of the best present from a dinner party - LEFT OVERS.


  • Do be careful with your music selection, (Jimmy Osmond is a NO, not even in an ironic way!) outdated playlists can be easily fixed by apps like Spotify.
  • Don't EVER and I mean EVER text at the table, leave that obnoxious behaviour to the teens. LOL!

And the most important tips

  • Do manage your expectations - as a diva you are probably expecting your soufflé to out soufflé Anna Olsen's soufflé, but if it sinks, don't be disappointed, don't point it out, possibly rename it the titanic soufflé and move on (thinking about the new shoes you are going to treat yourself to tomorrow).
  • Don't sweat it! A dinner party is just a dinner party (even for a gorgeous achieving diva such as yourself) if it all turns to sh*t, be extra generous with the wine and make sure you have plenty of cheese and crackers in stock!

Claire Preen, author, Diva's Guide to Dinner Parties