Daniele Hamamdjian | CTV News

Daniele Hamamdjian

London Correspondent

Daniele Hamamdjian joined CTV National News in 2009, and is now based in London. She has recently covered Nelson Mandela's funeral, the Sochi Games and the crisis in Ukraine.

While previously assigned to the Ottawa Bureau, she travelled with the Prime Minister’s office numerous times, including to the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, Korea in March, 2012; the G8 Summit in France in 2011 and Northern Ireland in 2013; Afghanistan for the Prime Minister’s final visit to the troops before the pullout; and the annual trip to the Arctic, tracing Canada's international diplomatic efforts.

Hamamdjian and the CTV crew were the first international reporting team on the ground in Haiti after the devastating earthquake that rocked the country in 2010, and Hamamdjian travelled to Guantanamo Bay in August 2010 to report on the Omar Khadr case.

Hamamdjian’s coverage of international affairs is balanced by the Canadian stories she has covered, including the 2011 Federal Election. Her coverage of the Attawapiskat housing crisis in 2011 led to testimonies of alleged rampant sex abuse in Attawapiskat and native communities across the country.

Hamamdjian began on-air reporting for CTV Montreal in 2006. A Concordia University journalism graduate, Hamamdjian began her career as general assignment reporter at the Santa Monica Daily Press in California.

Hamamdjian was born in Cairo, Egypt and lived in Los Angeles before immigrating to Montreal with her family in the late 1980s. Hamamdjian credits her parents with instilling in her the importance of keeping informed on world issues and current events.

Her international upbringing and experience is reflected in her passion for world travel and the four languages she speaks which include fluent French, English, also conversational Arabic and Italian.