FALMOUTH, N.S. - People living near a Nova Scotia home being swallowed by a large sinkhole say they want answers on why the ground opened up -- and whether other houses might be at risk.

Debby Rose says about 40 people gathered at her home in Falmouth on Wednesday to share information about the incident Sunday that saw her neighbour's large brick home sink into the ground.

Rose, who lives right beside the sinking house, says a municipal official also attended the informal meeting and assured the group they will be given the results of a report being done by a geotechnical engineer.

Early Sunday, Heather Strickey said she awoke to a loud clamour and found the first floor of her house had virtually collapsed into a gaping hole, estimated to be up to nine metres deep.

Everyone got out of the house safely, but officials have said it will have to be demolished.

Rose says neighbours want to know whether it was known that the ground was unstable and, if so, why the residential development was approved.