Just days before an intense thunderstorm hit the Toronto area, an Oshawa woman’s home was left without a roof after a roofing company removed hers by mistake.

Jennifer Campbell says she received a call from her son while she was at work, asking her why she didn’t tell him they were getting work done on their home.

Campbell says, when she heard that her roof had been removed, “My heart sank.”

She told CTV Toronto, “They were calling for rain, wind and I had a bare roof right down to the plywood.”

As it turns out, the roofing company had mixed up their customer’s address and visited the wrong house. The home they were supposed to be working on was located three doors down from Campbell’s.

When Campbell arrived home, she said she found roofing materials strewn about her property.

“They didn’t just remove the shingles, they left a mess everywhere – sides of the house, backyard, debris, everything,” she recalled.

Campbell said she immediately called the police, the roofing company, and her insurance company. She said a representative from the roofing company admitted to their mistake and told her they would give her a good deal on a new roof.

“We were stunned,” she said. “I feel like it was their mistake. They weren’t invited here. They weren’t asked here.”

In the meantime, Campbell hired another roofing company to put an emergency wrap on the house to protect the roof from Friday’s wind storm before a new one could be installed. She said she may be able to file an insurance claim, but she will have to pay the $1,000 deductible.

When contacted by CTV News, a spokesperson for the roofing company said they would rectify the error.

“We want to be responsible for what we did. We will do her roof for free. If she wants us to do it, we can schedule it,” the spokesperson said.

The company also said they would pay the $1,000 deductible for Campbell’s insurance claim.

On Monday, Campbell’s new roof was completed by another roofing company.

With a report from CTV Toronto’s Consumer Reporter Pat Foran