That’s not how you do it.

Perhaps feeling overconfident following their escape from prison, two women on the run were caught going double-or-nothing at an Edmonton escape room.

But the two fugitives were no match for SideQuests Adventures – or the five police officers who were hot on their heels.

Kelsie Laine Mast, 23, and Samatha Faye Toope, 20, were taken into custody at the escape room Tuesday night, nearly 24 hours after they hopped a fence at the Edmonton Institution for Women. The two ladies on the lam had been the subject of a public warning from police because of a violent history of weapons offences.

They were arrested without incident at the escape room, where owners Rebecca and Jonathan Liaw say they had no idea the pair were on the run.

“They looked like our typical patrons,” Rebecca Liaw told CTV Edmonton, adding that they asked the same question almost everyone else does when they walk in: “What is an escape room?”

The couple explained that an escape room involves locking a group of people up in a room full of puzzles that they must solve in order to get out.

“They just get to be the hero of their own action story – that Indiana Jones moment,” Rebecca Liaw said.

Rebecca took the two fugitives to look at one of the escape rooms, leaving Jonathan to watch the front desk. Moments later, a police officer came down the stairs looking for Mast and Toope.

“He asked if they had an appointment with us. I said no. Then he asked where they were and I pointed,” Jonathan Liaw said. He says the officer called for backup and four more officers came down the stairs a short time later.

“Very shortly after they were cuffed and walked straight out.”

Police say the two women will soon be returned to the custody of the Correctional Service of Canada.

Escape room owners Rebecca and Jonathan Liaw say the arrest is the best advertising they could ever hope for.

“They can’t escape from the escape room, but they can escape from prison,” Rebecca Liaw said.

“Maybe our escape rooms are a little on the difficult side?”

With files from CTV Edmonton