A confrontation over the alleged misuse of an accessible parking spot outside a Tim Hortons in Toronto ended in threats and thrown coffee -- and it was all caught on video.

The video was posted to YouTube by an account with the name Ryan Favro and also to Reddit's Toronto discussion board on Monday. In the video, the woman ends up throwing two Tim Hortons drinks at Favro who questions her about using the parking spot.

The video begins with the woman walking past her Jeep holding an iced cappuccino and a coffee. Favro proceeds to ask her "Why do you park in handicap spots? Are you handicapped?” To which she replies, "No."

The woman, who has dark hair and is sporting a black winter coat with grey sweatpants, starts getting in her car and says, "Record me and I'll break your f-----g phone."

Favro proceeds to record her front licence plate and then the woman gets out of the car, says, “Back the f--k up,” and throws a coffee at him.

"What makes you so special that you can park in a handicap spot," Favro says as he walks towards her open door.

The woman then throws another coffee at him before getting back into her car.

Favro tells her he plans to take the video to police, to which she responds, "Good for you, good for you.”

The confrontation ends with the woman driving away to reveal the accessible parking spot.