Video of a Halifax woman’s overjoyed reaction at the news she is going to be a grandmother for the first time has gone viral on the Internet.

The video, in which elated Nova Scotia mother Shirley Brown screams and breaks down in sobs after learning her daughter Jocelyn Brown is pregnant had racked up nearly 127,000 views on YouTube as of Tuesday morning.

When Jocelyn and her husband Dave found out they are expecting their first baby in July, Jocelyn knew she wanted to find the perfect way to share the news with her family.

Gathered together in Nova Scotia on Christmas Eve, Jocelyn gave family members individually wrapped baby blocks that together spelled out “BABY”.

The couple decided to record Shirley’s reaction because she had been asking them to have a baby for so long.

In the video, Shirley opens the gift and realizes it’s a baby block. She throws it in the air and screams “we’re having a baby!” before clasping her hands over her face and sobbing.

“It looked like a little jewellery box, and I thought, ‘what did they get us?’ and as soon as I got through the paper and saw a ‘B’, I knew,” Shirley told CTV’s Canada AM.

Shirley had no idea she was being recorded because the couple used a cellular phone camera.

Jocelyn found out she was pregnant in early December, but decided to keep the news secret until the holidays.

“It was really hard not to tell my mom and my sister, but my sister lives in Vancouver and we were all going to be together at Christmas, so we managed to keep it a secret for a few weeks,” Jocelyn said.

The couple really caught her mother by surprise, as they had been repeatedly saying they were not ready for a child.

“It was a complete shock, they really got us good,” Shirley said.

The 60-year-old said she’s been waiting to be a grandmother for 10 years.

Since the YouTube video was featured on CTV’s Canada AM, as well as NBC’s “The Today Show” Monday, Shirley said she's a bit embarassed by all the attention.