RCMP in Richmond, B.C., are investigating after a drone was spotted flying over a runway at the Vancouver International Airport, creating what they call a “very dangerous” situation.

The Mounties say they received a report from traffic control Monday, about a drone flying over a runway on the airport’s north side.

Police patrolled the area and set up roadblocks, but were unable to find the person flying the drone.

Last November, a drone video of an airplane landing at the Vancouver airport was posted on YouTube, prompting outrage and safety concerns.

But the person who uploaded that video said it was shot from over a kilometre away, and denied that any aircraft were put in danger.

The RCMP say drones are becoming increasingly popular, creating headaches for police and airports.

“It seems to be a growing trend because of the availability and the power of these devices is getting exponentially more powerful so people can fly them from a farther distance away, they can get them up higher in altitude and it affects the aircraft that are on the glide path,” Richmond RCMP Sgt. Cam Kowalski told CTV Vancouver.

“It puts them in a very dangerous situation.”

Transport Canada regulates so-called unmanned air vehicles, or UAVs, by requiring users to apply for a special flight operation certificate.

However, UAVs or drones that weigh less than 35 kilograms and are used mostly for recreational purposes are considered to be “model aircraft.” The use of model aircraft is not regulated.