If you're feeling like this winter is one of the worst you can remember, you're probably right.

A "misery index" released by U.S. National Weather Service meteorologists shows the winter of 2014 is one of the most miserable on record. 

The Accumulated Winter Season Severity Index puts the "badness" or "goodness" of winter in context by looking at daily temperature, snowfall, snow depth or precipitation records to show the season's severity compared to other years.

Each day of the season is given a numeric score based on its relative coldness and precipitation data. At the end of each winter, a final score is calculated to determine its severity compared to past winters. 

According to AWISS, Detroit has had its harshest winter in more than 50 years, while Philadelphia, Chicago, Indianapolis, and New York have had winters that rank in the top five most miserable.

And Canada hasn't fared any better.

"There's a lot of misery out there," Environment Canada senior climatologist Dave Phillips told CTV News on Wednesday.

“I don't think there really is anybody that is not complaining about the weather," he said. "I suppose that unites us all as Canadians, that we have something to complain about."

Regions throughout Canada are experiencing one of the coldest and snowiest winters in decades.

Winnipeg is experiencing the second coldest winter in 75 years, the coldest in 35 years and the snowfall total is 50 per cent more than normal.

Saskatoon is experiencing the coldest winter in 18 years.

Windsor, Ont., is experiencing the coldest winter in 35 years and snowiest winter on record

Toronto is experiencing the coldest winter in 20 years; there have been at least 10 days of when temperature dipped below -20 C, which hasn't happened in seven years.

St. John’s, N.L., is experiencing the coldest winter in 20 years, the snowiest winter in seven years and a record number of stormy days.

Vancouver, known for its milder weather, is experiencing one of its coldest and snowiest Februarys in 25 years.  

Canadians hoping March would bring some warmer temperatures may be in for some disappointment – Environment Canada is predicting that the cold is here to stay for the next month.