The teen at the heart of a viral video showing her signing lyrics for her dad at a rock concert has told CTV about her experience.

Karri Carberry has been blown away by the worldwide response to the clip, which has been viewed more than 19 million times.

The heartwarming 30-second video, recorded at a Three Days Grace gig in Edmonton on Dec. 12, shows the 19-year-old signing along to a song by the Toronto band for her father Darrin.

“It was crowded and we were doing our thing and then there was a huge circle around us and people were high-fiving us and hugging us, people we didn’t even know, just really great vibes all around” Karri told CTV Edmonton.

There was an outpouring of love for the video on Facebook, where users from as far away as Mexico, Brazil and Argentina left emotional messages of approval.

“We were in the crowd having a good time and it just started happening, it just started flowing,” she said. “Just making eye contact, it was all about that moment.”

Karri had invited her dad, who has been hearing impaired since birth, to the show. His hearing aids help, but his daughter made the experience even better.

“We never sign language in front of people like that,” Darrin told CTV.

“But it was beautiful, I’m so happy, she signed really good. It was pretty cool, I never saw that in my life.”

Darrin’s wife Cori is also hearing impaired, their three kids are not.

The video was posted by fellow concertgoer Jules Maria, who added the video the next day.

“At last night's concert, we witnessed something absolutely beautiful,” Maria wrote.

“We couldn't care less about what was happening on stage, watching them was absolutely mesmerizing.”

They were both very sweet and Karri’s father was very proud of his daughter, Maria added.

The band took to Twitter to share the video with its fans and the drummer messaged Karri calling it ‘beautiful’.