Parts of Canada are set to see sweltering temperatures over the next few days as the first heatwave of summer hits.

Environment Canada has issued special weather statements for B.C.'s South Coast and several other parts of the province. It has also issued heat warnings for some areas in Alberta, including Fort McMurray.

Meawhile, large parts of Ontario are bracing for high temperatures and deteriorating air quality.

The agency said in a release that many Ontarians can expect temperatures in the low 30s with a humidex of 40.

“They could certainly reach a record for this particular time in some places. Thirty to 32 degrees in southern, central and eastern Ontario and we might even see the 30-degree mark in western Quebec,” senior climatologist David Phillips told CTV News Channel on Sunday.

“This is not terribly unusual, but along with the high humidity it’s certainly going to make it uncomfortable.”

Sunday night in Toronto may not get below 22 C, almost a dozen degrees hotter than it should be, Phillips said.

“I don't think people should be hiding under the bed, they should probably be out enjoying it. Infants, seniors and people with health problems might find these conditions a little uncomfortable, however,” he said.

Phillips added that the Ontario heatwave should only last a couple of days at most.

“The good news is, it’s really just a one or two-day wonder,” he said. “If you can put off today what you can do on Tuesday, I’d go for it. Because that’s going to be very comfortable, around 24 degrees with low humidity.”

In parts of B.C., the high temperatures are expected to stick around until Wednesday, according to Environment Canada