A very dedicated Star Trek fan has turned her childhood passion for the classic TV series into a unique design idea.

Line Rainville, from Notre-Dame des Prairies, Que., has spent the last two years renovating her basement to look like an exact replica of the Star Trek Enterprise from the original TV series.

The design -- which includes an observation deck, a transporter room and features countless items of Star Trek memorabilia -- cost Rainville nearly $30,000 to complete.

Decked-out with red and black leather seats, control boards, flashing monitors, and even a life-size cut-out of Spock, Rainville’s basement is a Trekkie heaven.

“I wanted to do something unusual, and I’m a life-long fan of the Star Trek original series. So this was a long-term idea that I wanted to bring to reality,” Rainville told CTV Montreal.

Rainville’s passion for the popular 1960s show began when she was a child. When it came time to renovate her basement, she said she knew exactly what kind of design she wanted.

“I wanted to replicate the bridge of the Enterprise,” Rainville said. “I recreated the kitchen that I had made into the recreation room. And (for) the bathroom, I took some inspiration from the observation deck.”

Rainville bought many of the items off the Internet and at various Star Trek conventions, including a faux Star Trek communicator and custom mosaic tiles for the bathroom.

She even has her very own mock food replicator, a popular gadget used on the show to create and recycle objects in space.

Rainville enlisted the help of her handyman father and several friends to complete the detailed work.

“I had no plans, I just did it myself,” she said. "I had to go out and buy a lot of things when I decided to redecorate my basement like that.”

Rainville, who has received a lot of online attention from fellow Trekkies impressed by her design, says hanging out in her very own space vessel is a childhood dream come true – especially when she can kick back and turn on her favourite show. “I enjoy being there and watching the episodes; it’s a big home theatre. It’s kind of a childhood dream also -- it’s not usual, it’s something that came out of creativity.”

While Rainville will always remain a die-hard Trekkie, she says she knows when to draw the line

“As long as it’s a healthy way of relaxing and having fun,” she said. “I’m able to go out and function still; I’m not trapped here.”

With a report from CTV Montreal’s Stephane Giroux.