An angry post from Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence’s Twitter account calling Sen. Patrick Brazeau an “Indian a**hole” was quickly deleted Thursday.

Brazeau, a Conservative aboriginal senator, was commenting on a news conference by native leaders announcing the end of Spence’s hunger protest.

“And that is the typical “traditional” angry, victim speech I’ve heard all my life, which is why I got involved in politics,” he tweeted as the leaders spoke.

“Typical colonized indian asshole,” was the response from Spence’s Twitter account.

It wasn’t clear whether Spence herself had typed the message or if someone else was posting from her account. Spence was in an Ottawa hospital Thursday morning, being held for observation at the end of her six-week liquids-only diet. She was released in the afternoon. 

A member of Spence’s team said the chief was not responsible for the Twitter insult.

“The comment was not hers, the account was set up by supporters. 3 people had access & not sure who posted that comment,” Lowa Beebe tweeted.