A moose that wandered into a grocery store in British Columbia after people offered it apples has died after an attempt to relocate the animal.

Surprised Safeway shoppers filmed the moose on their cellphones after it into walked into the store in the northwestern town of Smithers on Wednesday and sniffed through the flower section.

The animal was apparently lethargic from a tick infestation.

Footage of the incident was posted online.

In a video, a worker can be seen leading the moose out of the store by holding out an apple.

Animal control officers later sedated the moose and attempted to relocate it, but the animal died in the process, conservation officer Kevin Nixon said.

According to Nixon, for days the moose had been spotted around town, showing signs of aggression.

Before it strolled into the store people were feeding it in the Safeway parking lot.

“These are wild animals; they're dangerous. Anytime we're feeding them, we're creating a problem,” Nixon said.

“I think some people don't recognize moose as dangerous. They're more dangerous than some of our predators.”

With a report by CTV Vancouver’s Mi-Jung Lee and files from The Canadian Press