As you grab your usual double-double from your local Tim Hortons you might notice something a little different about your cup.

That familiar yellow arrow directing coffee-drinkers to roll up the tab of their cup to see if they’ve won a prize is back.

To coincide with the 150th anniversary of Confederation, Tim Hortons launched a special edition of its popular “Roll Up The Rim To Win” contest that runs until July 21.

Tim Hortons has also added an “Ultimate Canadian Vacation” worth $10,000 to the regular selection of food and drink prizes offered during the winter contest.

Social media users have already started sharing photos of the new red and white cups adorned with stereotypical Canadian motifs such as a beaver, an inukshuk, a bottle of maple syrup and a mountain range.

It’s fairly safe to say Canadians are pretty excited about the unexpected surprise.

Some eager coffee-lovers have already started keeping track of their win-loss record.

A few users noted the new response written on the tab of losing cups that reads “Happy Canada 150th” instead of the normal “Please Play Again.”