MONTREAL -- Quebec provincial police say they handed out more than 300 tickets during a weekend Hells Angels biker gathering that was largely incident-free.

Police say about 500 people passed through checkpoints, including some 300 biker gang members who set up near St-Charles-sur-Richelieu, southeast of Montreal.

The full-patch Hells members and their associates were in the rural Quebec town for the biker gang's annual Canada Run, which takes place in a different province each year.

Police say most of the tickets were for minor road safety infractions such as riding without a helmet or riding on the shoulder.

A 52-year-old biker from Ontario was arrested for uttering threats against a police officer during a checkpoint.

Police spokesman Guy Lapointe said the weekend event went off relatively well from the perspective of authorities in that order was maintained and the law respected.

"The vast majority of individuals who participated in the event collaborated," Lapointe said late Sunday.