Some Ottawa high school students won’t receive their yearbooks on time after pranksters replaced some students’ photos, quotes and nicknames with fake, crude ones.

Staff at John McCrae Secondary School are still deciding how to redact or correct approximately 420 books after the prank was discovered. One student was called “the poo poo pee pee man.”

Helen Crawford, a member of the school’s parent council, told CTV Ottawa that staff and parents were getting ready to distribute the yearbooks when they saw a couple of mistakes and took a closer look.

“I honestly believe it was some students who thought they were being funny and perhaps (thought) it wouldn't have been caught in the final edit,” she said.

According to parents, students were forced to oversee the project unsupervised after the teacher responsible for the yearbook club left during the school’s first semester.

Principal Richard King said in a letter to parents that the mistake should have been caught earlier and that he takes “some responsibility for this lack of oversight.”

Crawford said students were disappointed that they’re not going to get their yearbooks on time. But ninth grade student Isabelle Jay wasn’t too upset by the delay.

“At the end of the day (it was) kind of funny,” she said. “It was just kids being kids.”