A student at the University of Waterloo is facing criminal charges over allegations that she paid a male student to write a math exam on her behalf.

Kaiwen Qian, 20, is accused of paying York University student Longhua Wang, 21, more than $900 to write an exam for her on Monday.

School officials say Wang had a fraudulent student identification card that contained his picture and Qian’s name.

Wang was arrested Monday at the exam, while campus police arrested Qian on Tuesday. She spent the night in jail and was released on $3,000 bail on Wednesday.

Both Qian and Wang face one count each of personation and uttering a forged document.

Qian will next appear in court in January. Because she is an international student, Qian would not only be expelled but also deported if she is found guilty.

Third-year student Ginelle Mendonca said the incident “shows how much stress Waterloo students may be under.”

Meanwhile, university officials say they are looking into the possibility that other students obtained fake student IDs.

University of Waterloo spokesperson Nick Manning has some simple advice for students with a similar idea: “Don’t do it. The risk to you is far greater than the potential reward.”

With a report from CTV Kitchener’s Nicole Lampa