The birth of the royal baby isn’t just a major affair for Brits. Commonwealth countries like Canada and New Zealand will also fete the arrival of the littlest heir at major landmarks such as Niagara Falls and the Kiwi Sky tower.

In Toronto, Canada, the public will learn about the sex of the baby right away when they turn towards the skyline and see the CN Tower light up blue, for boy, and pink, for a girl. The grand announcement will flash for eight minutes.

Another major Canadian tourist destination, Niagara Falls, will do the same, letting visitors know about the baby’s arrival by throwing a light show in blue or pink.

In 1991, Diana, Princess of Wales and the young Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry paid a visit to the Falls, donning raincoats to ride the Maid of the Mist which takes guests on a close and wet encounter of the cascades.

And at the other end of the world, landmarks in New Zealand such as the Sky Tower in Auckland and the Victoria Bridge in Hamilton, will likewise flash blue or pink.