It was moving day for 66 little patients at the Montreal Children's Hospital, as health care workers transferred kids and equipment to a new facility at McGill University's Glen site.

Patients well enough to go home were discharged before the move. Others in wheelchairs or on stretchers were carefully loaded into waiting ambulances. Extra measures were taken to ease the transition for children in intensive care, as well as long-term patients who have lived at the hospital for years.

Dr. Elene Khalil, an emergency physician at the hospital, said the transition generated a lot of excitement.

"A lot of adrenaline that's for sure," Khalil said, adding there were "a lot of smiles."

Patients and parents were transported to the new site with the help of 36 paramedics and 18 ambulances. A designated doctor met with each child personally to ensure the move went smoothly.

Hospital staff in colour-coded T-shirts made sure each patient's needs were accommodated, and some kids even got to listen to their favourite music as they entered the new facility. Once at the new hospital, each child received a new blanket, teddy bear and bag of treats.

Some 675 people, including staff and volunteers, helped ensure the transition went off without a hitch.

And the kids were grateful for the extra help during the move.

"They were just very appreciative of all the tender-loving care that was offered," said Patricia Gauthier, the hospital's social services co-ordinator.

Officials say the move was completed ahead of schedule at 11 a.m. on Sunday.

No issues were reported.