With a New York Times best-selling book and 20 million YouTube hits under his belt, Crusoe may just be the world's most interesting dog.

The six-year-old Ottawa-based dachshund has travelled through Europe, spent a day as "Batdog" and patrolled the streets as an officer for the Wiener Dog Police Department. More recently, Crusoe has announced plans to run for both President of the United States and Prime Minister of Canada, on campaigns promising more cookies for dogs everywhere.

It all seems quite unlikely. But if any dog can do it, Crusoe can.

"He's a small dog with a big character," Ryan Beauchesne told CTV Ottawa.

Beauchesne, along with his girlfriend Lauren Dionne, own and manage Crusoe.

When they started a blog about their new puppy five years ago, they thought the audience would be limited to family and friends. But the blog and accompanying YouTube Channel took off, amassing millions of views.

The coupled dressed Crusoe in costumes and wrote short stories from his point-of-view. Crusoe is often accompanied by his trusty side-kick, and sibling, Oakley.

"It's funny to see life from a dog's perspective, but it's even funnier to see it from a dog who thinks he's a chef, or a pilot, or a captain," Beauchesne said.

Crusoe's growing fan-based caught the attention of a book publisher, who offered Beauchesne a book deal.

"Crusoe, The Celebrity Dachshund" is currently the ninth among animal books on New York Times Best Sellers list.

"When I found out we were a New York Times Best Seller, I literally almost cried," Beauchesne said. "I really didn't think that would ever happen."

In the wake of his dog's fame, Beauchesne has left his job at a digital media agency to focus on Crusoe's career.

The two have recently returned from a book signing tour through Canada and the U.S., which included an appearance on Good Morning America.

Beauchesne said there have even been talks of a possible Crusoe television show.

But Crusoe isn't letting the fame get to his head.

"He's always been super calm, really composed," Beauchesne said. "And he just wears costumes really well."

With a report from CTV Ottawa