An Ottawa mother says she’s obtained a judge’s order to gain access to her late son’s social media accounts, in hopes of finding something that will shed light on the circumstances of his mysterious death.

Dovi Henry, 23, was last in contact with his family in April 2014, three months before his body was pulled from a Toronto marina on Lake Ontario. The body wasn’t identified until late 2016, and since then, his mother Maureen has been trying to find leads about the circumstances of his death.

“Dovi was an active social media junkie,” she told CTV News Channel on Wednesday. “He was always texting, taking pictures, talking to friends, (and) sending messages.”

Dovi’s active life on social media prompted Maureen to seek access to his various accounts, thinking that perhaps something he said to a friend will reveal what happened in the final days before his death.

“I’m believing that he was in communication with different friends who possibly will know what happened,” she said.

Maureen says she contacted Google, Facebook and Dovi’s cellphone provider, but they wouldn’t grant her access to her son’s accounts without a court order. She obtained that court order on Wednesday, and is looking forward to serving it to the applicable companies.

Dovi Henry was from Ottawa but was attending the University of Toronto at the time of his death. Maureen says he came home at one point early in 2014 because of what he called “some troubles” in Toronto, but he went back to school a short time later.

Maureen says the last her family heard from him, he was planning to visit home for his 23rd birthday.

“He said he was feeling lonely (in March),” she said. “At one point… he got upset or angry at something and then he left, and that was the last time that I spoke to him.”