An Alberta mother who is expecting identical quadruplets says she’s thankful for her community’s support.

“I’m definitely glad that we live in a small town,” says Bethani Webb, 22, who hails from Hythe, Alta. (pop. 821).

“There’s no way we could do it by ourselves.”

“So many people that have offered to help … change diapers, even help feed,” she told CTV News Channel.

Webb said she thought her ultrasound technician was joking last December when she told her and husband Tim Webb that they could expect four baby girls in May.

Tim Webb said he was shocked when he heard. “[The news] still hasn’t really set in… It’s pretty surreal. I think I’ll have to build an extra bathroom or something,” he joked.

After realizing it wasn’t a joke, she started thinking, “How am I going to do this? How am I going to raise four babies all at once? We were only expecting one!”

But her community has scheduled a fundraiser for April and set up a GoFundMe campaign that has already raised more than $1,700.

Now Webb says she’s “feeling really good.”

“I can still move around pretty easily,” she said. “The babies are really active,” she added. “They like to kick and move around.”

Webb is already in an Edmonton hospital, where she will remain until the births, in case of complications.

Webb said many have asked whether she underwent In Vitro Fertilization, a procedure where multiple eggs are fertilized in a lab and implanted, sometimes resulting in multiple births.

“No, it was completely natural,” she said. “Completely spontaneous.”