Dramatic footage of a cyclist being struck by a car after running a red light in Ottawa has gone viral.

Nick Fleury was able to record the entire collision on his dash cam. In the description on his YouTube video, Fleury said he only had the dash cam for around two hours before witnessing the crash.

In the video, as Fleury drives towards the busy downtown Ottawa intersection, a cyclist dashes out onto the road while facing a red light. The car to Fleury’s right and the cyclist collide, with the cyclist’s bike flying towards the sidewalk.

A nearby police officer also witnessed the crash and immediately came over to help. Charges could be laid against the cyclist.

According to Fleury, the cyclist walked away from the collision with a sore hip.

Last year a 23-year-old cyclist, Nusrat Jahan, was killed in the same intersection.

The video has more than 450,000 views since it was posted on Saturday.