A Cape Breton man is worried about increasingly aggressive coyotes in the area after a pair of them attacked his blind husky during a routine walk through the neighbourhood.

Ken Waidson’s five-year-old husky and one-year-old terrier were approached by two coyotes last week in Gardiner Mines, N.S. The terrier was able to run away, but the coyotes attacked the husky.

“I thought they were going to take him down,” Waidson told CTV Atlantic. “I was very nervous.”

Waidson said he was especially nervous because the husky is blind and wouldn’t stand much of a fight against a pair of coyotes. Luckily for the dog, Waidson was able to fight the coyotes off with a baseball bat.

“I held my cool through the whole thing, anyway,” he said. “After it was over, then I got a little bit of adrenaline running.”

While it’s not unusual to see coyotes in the area, Waidson believes they’re getting more aggressive. His neighbour lost their cat last month to a coyote attack.

He’s contacted the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources, which told him they are planning to set up some traps in the area.

In the meantime, Waidson’s been asked to keep the outside lights on and to make a lot of noise before heading out into the yard.

With a report from CTV Atlantic’s Kyle Moore