British Columbia Premier Christy Clark brushed off celebrity calls to end the province's wolf cull on Friday, taking aim at Miley Cyrus and Pamela Anderson for their skimpy wardrobes.

Both Cyrus and Anderson have been outspoken about B.C.'s decision to allow contractors to kill 84 wolves from helicopters between January and April of this year.

Cyrus appealed to her millions of Instagram followers last week, asking them to sign a petition against the killing. Anderson, a B.C. native, followed suit on Twitter on Thursday, sharing an open letter to the premier asking Clark to end the killings.

On Friday, Clark shot back, taking aim at Cyrus' dance moves, and both women's fashion choices.

"I want to make sure that Miley knows that I'm willing to sit down and 'twerk' it out," Clark joked at a press conference.

She added, "Both Pamela Anderson and Miley Cyrus, when they open up their closets, they probably don't find a lot of clothes."

Personal jabs aside, the premier defended the wolf cull as part of protecting caribou in the province's Rocky Mountains region.

Caribou populations have been declining in recent years, and in order to protect the animals Clark said the province must minimize threats and predators, such as wolves.

She accused Anderson and Cyrus of misunderstanding the situation, and passing judgment from afar.

"Both of them care a lot about animals," Clark said. "Both of them live in California. We're trying to defend an endangered species and population of caribou."

But, in an interview with CTV Vancouver, Anderson said the issue is not so simple.

While the actress agreed it's important to protect caribou, she said disappearing habitat and forestry—not wolves—are at the root of the issue.

"Hunting doesn't resolve the problem," she said. "It's the habitat and forestry that we need to put the money into."

Anderson stood by her open letter, in which she says she is "deeply disturbed" that her home province would allow people to hunt and kill wolves.

"We all want to restore the populations of endangered caribou, but gunning down wolves is not the answer," Anderson wrote in her letter to Clark. "Hunting is a grossly inefficient method of wildlife control."

In the letter, the actor and PETA activist also invited the premier to meet face to face to discuss the issue.

So far, Clark has not accepted the offer.

With files from CTV Vancouver