A man will likely be charged with attempted murder after a shootout in rural Alberta injured two RCMP officers, one of them seriously, police said Tuesday.

One Mountie was run over by a vehicle and another grazed by a bullet after police responded to a call about a man who was threatening to go to a farmhouse with a handgun and kill someone.

The suspect, whose identity was not released, was also injured in the shootout that took place near Tofield, Alta., about 70 kilometres east of Edmonton.

RCMP Chief Supt. Randy McGinnis told reporters that the suspect is currently receiving medical care and will likely face attempted murder and weapons-related charges once he’s formally arrested.

A bullet grazed the upper arm of one RCMP officer, who has since been treated and released. Another officer who was run down with a vehicle was undergoing surgery Tuesday, McGinnis said.

Two other people who were arrested in connection with the incident have been released without charges, police said. 

The violent confrontation began Monday afternoon after police got the initial call about the armed suspect. A second call later came from an area farmer who said he had come home and found a man on his property. After chasing him away, the farmer realized three of his long-barrelled shotguns were missing.

McGinnis said officers confronted the suspect in a shed in an attempt to arrest him, but a physical altercation ensued and the suspect got away.

McGinnis said the suspect then jumped into a truck before a gunfight with police ensued. He allegedly shot at the officers and purposely ran over one of them. 

One area resident said neighbours were told to stay inside and turn off their lights.

“I'm a hunter and I know my guns … I got a shotgun loaded,” Ron Janiten said. 
“It's not cocked but if they kick in the door I know how to protect my family. I'm not going to wait around while they shoot everybody else.”

The suspect was eventually taken to an Edmonton hospital and will be formally arrested once doctors give the all-clear, police said.

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team (ASIRT), which is mandated to investigate injuries or complaints that involve police officers, has been called in to investigate.

McGinnis said he’s “very proud” of the RCMP officer’s actions who responded to the scene. 

With a report from CTV’s Alberta Bureau Chief Janet Dirks