CHEBOGUE, N.S. -- RCMP in southwestern Nova Scotia happened upon 100 unsecured guns this week in responding to a misdialed 911 call.

Police say they responded to a home in Chebogue, in Yarmouth County, on Monday.

While there was no emergency, police say they found 100 firearms in the home including 94 long guns and six handguns.

The Mounties say none of the weapons were properly secured, so they arrested the homeowner for unsafe storage of a firearm and seized all of the guns.

The unidentified man was later released and is scheduled to appear in Yarmouth Provincial Court in October.

RCMP spokeswoman, Cpl. Jennifer Clarke, said Wednesday that the man was cooperative and allowed police into his home with permission so they could make sure there was no emergency.

"The firearms were just there in plain sight," said Clarke.

She said it's possible there could be additional charges as a result of the ongoing investigation.

"We do have some weapons experts going down there from the RCMP's national weapons enforcement support team. They are coming down to examine the guns later this week."