Teenagers in West Vancouver are still talking about that party on Friday night.

They’ll probably be talking about it for a long time, although perhaps not as long as the punishment facing the girl who hosted it.

Cleanup is still underway at the rented West Vancouver home where a 14-year-old girl hosted a wild high school party that left the property epically trashed. Police broke up the party at 8:30 p.m. on Friday, sending approximately 200 partygoers flooding out of the home. Police say the girl rented the home with her parents’ credit card, and that approximately $20,000 of damage was done to the property as a result of the party.

Several days have passed since the party and the home is still nowhere close to being cleaned up. A mattress still sits on the roof, much of the deck furniture remains unaccounted for and there is still graffiti on the walls of the home.

And students are still talking about it.

“It’s a lot of damage for one little girl,” high school senior Caitlyn, 17, told CTV Vancouver's David Molko. Caitlyn wasn’t at the party but she, like so many others, has heard about it.

“It definitely makes the rest of us look better to our parents – at least, I hope,” she said. She also expressed her sympathy for the owners of the home, and for the girl’s family, “because they’re the ones who have to cover the damage.”

Matteo, 17, says he heard wild stories about the party, although he also didn’t attend. “She invited maybe a couple people over and then things got out of hand,” he said.

Keelan, 16, offered his own harsh evaluation of the party in an interview with CTV Vancouver. “I think it’s pretty crazy,” he said. “I think it’s pretty stupid.”

“There’s just lessons all the way around,” Const. Jeff Palmer, of West Vancouver Police, told CTV Vancouver.

The home is listed as belonging to a business with a P.O. box, and those owners have not spoken publicly about the incident. However, they have taken the property down from the short-term rental site where it was listed at a price of $777 a night.

Police say no injuries were reported at the party.

School officials in the area say they are aware of the incident but have not received any calls from concerned parents.

With files from CTV Vancouver's David Molko