There weren’t any big upsets when it came to who will lead Ontario’s biggest cities: John Tory was re-elected Mayor of Toronto with more than 60 per cent of the vote and Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson was re-elected with more than 70 per cent.

But that doesn’t mean there weren’t some interesting results in other races during the Ontario municipal elections on Monday night. Here’s a look at five big moments.

Patrick Brown wins Brampton mayoral race

At the beginning of the year, Patrick Brown was leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party and widely expected to become Ontario’s premier. Then, sexual misconduct allegations led to his ouster from the party. Doug Ford replaced him as leader in March and went on to be elected premier in June.

Determined to stay in politics, Brown moved from Barrie to Brampton, where he announced his plans to run for the position of Peel Region chair.

When Ford quashed the Peel Region job, Brown announced he would take on incumbent Linda Jeffrey in the Brampton mayoral race. Mayor Jeffrey conceded to Brown just before 9:30 p.m.

Patrick BrownPatrick Brown and his wife Genevieve Gualtieri are seen after his electoral victory in Brampton, Ont.

Formerly homeless man elected Mayor of Oshawa

Dan Carter, who battled drug abuse and homelessness and didn’t learn to read until he was in his early 30s has been elected Mayor of the City of Oshawa.

Long-time Toronto councillors knocked out

Toronto’s election was thrown into chaos in July when Ontario Premier Doug Ford cut the number of wards from 47 to 25, making it inevitable that some long-time councillors would be knocked out as incumbents were forced to go head-to-head.

Among those who lost were Giorgio Mammoliti, who had been a councillor for 23 years, and has a history of controversial comments. He lost to Anthony Perruzza.

Joe Mihevc, first elected in 1991, was knocked out by fellow incumbent Josh Matlow despite a surprise endorsement for Mihevc by Mayor Tory.

Two-term councillor Vincent Crisanti lost to Michael Ford, the 24-year-old nephew of Premier Doug Ford and former Toronto mayor Rob Ford.

Norm Kelly, famous for his social media memes, lost to fellow incumbent Jim Karygiannis.

Milton Mayor Gord Krantz wins twenty-first term

Gord Krantz was first elected Mayor of Milton in 1980, when the city was less than one-quarter the size it is now. He was re-elected to his 21st term with more than 80 per cent of the vote..

Major problems with electronic voting in Sudbury

The northern Ontario City of Greater Sudbury announced Monday that, due to problems with computer services, online voting will extended to Tuesday at 8 p.m.