Hold onto your hats cheese lovers: The latest novelty fast food snack to get the internet buzzing comes from Burger King, in the form of deep-fried macaroni and cheese sticks, posing as Cheetos.

Sightings of the cheesy snack have been popping up on social media over the last few days, with excited fast food fans providing photographic evidence of the cheesy mash-up.

Mac ‘n Cheetos sends sticks of macaroni and cheese, coated in Cheetos dust into the deep fryer.

In other words, it's a hot Cheeto stuffed with macaroni and cheese. The snacks also come with a ranch dipping sauce.

The new product is a conspicuous riff off of Taco Bell's hugely successful Doritos Locos, in which taco shells were made with Doritos nacho chips -- a launch that sent social media into overdrive and helped boost sales for the chain.

Mac ‘n Cheetos is expected to be sold for a limited run starting June 27 at select restaurants across the U.S.