Indian automaker Tata Motors is set to unveil a new small car, but an unfortunate coincidence is drawing more attention to the model's name than its "zippy" features.

The new "Zica" car takes its name from the first two letters of the words "zippy" and "car."

But the moniker also happens to sound like "Zika," a virus transmitted by mosquitoes that the World Health Organization recently warned is "spreading explosively" around the world.

In light of the World Health Organization's spotlight on the virus, the product launch timing has many wondering about Tata Motors' apparent predicament.

Social media users have already pounced, pointing out the similar-sounding names on Twitter.

"I wonder what effect … the Zika virus (will) have on Tata Motors' Zica," one user wrote. "Nobody would want to buy a car sounding like a deadly virus, right?"

A second user noted the "irony" of both the car and virus having "outbreaks" at the same time.

And another suggested the company "may want to rename" the vehicle before the virus spreads across India.

According to the company's website, the Zica car is expected to launch sometime in February or March, 2016.

It is also supposed to make an appearance this week at the New Delhi Auto Expo.