From Nyan Cat vinyls to prancing cat badges, there is no mistaking this Ferrari supercar for anything other than Deadmau5's (aka Joel Zimmerman) "Purrari" 458 Italia Spyder.

But it appears that something about these wacky customizations does not sit well with the prestigious Italian automaker, after Ferrari North America sent Zimmerman a cease and desist letter to have its custom vinyls and badges removed. And so the Purrari is dead.

Clearly stung by Ferrari's reaction, Zimmerman took to Twitter.

"I wonder if the jacka** lawyer at @FerrariUSA who sent us a "cease and desist" letter over the purrari is un-butthurt now that I unwrapped," he said, adding that it was mostly the custom floor mats and purrari badges that caused the fuss. 

Since the warning, the 458 has been returned to its "original vanilla-white paint," though Zimmerman tweeted his thoughts again about the now-plain-Jane supercar.

"Whatever. It's just a normal a** 458 now. All good." 

Zimmerman, a rebel in his own right, had the 458 transformed into the Purrari earlier this year, after which it became an instant pop culture sensation, receiving both praise and criticism for its new-found character.

Among the Purrari's signature touches was a prancing cat on its rear bumper, a comic homage to Ferrari's legendary prancing horse.

The Canadian progressive-house music producer and DJ isn't too fazed by this though, considering the 458 is soon going up for sale in replacement of his new car, a McLaren 650S Spider.

No doubt though, the Purrari will be missed for the memories, especially when it was "taken on a hilarious coffee run with Toronto mayor Rob Ford."