Lexus will be debuting the Lexus LM, a luxurious minivan, at Auto Shanghai next week, according to a Chinese press release spotted by

Last week, Lexus published a teaser image that was nothing more than a shadowy view of an unknown vehicle's grille and front headlights; based on this limited information, a handful of sources were predicting that the company was giving us a sneak peek of an upcoming minivan. On Monday, however, a Chinese press release of the model cropped up and was discovered by on Tuesday, confirming that, indeed, Lexus is debuting a minivan at Auto Shanghai 2019.

While last week we only had an obscure view of the front end, now we have a complementary obscure view of the profile which is just enough to determine that the LM's exterior is heavily based on the latest Toyota Alphard which is both boxy and streamlined.

The Lexus LM will debut on April 16 in Shanghai and is expected to only hit the consumer market in China and East Asia.