In May, British sportscar Jaguar announced that after a 50-year hiatus, it was reviving a project it started back in 1963: to finish building the missing six samples from a set of 18 very special hand-built GT-E-Type cars.

The GT-E-Type was a phenomenal racing car and in recent years has become a highly sought-after collectible. But in order to take to the track, Jaguar had to homologate it by building a number of models for customers.

It set out to create 18 but had only completed and delivered 12 by the end of 1964.

Realizing that it had designated six chassis numbers from 1963, Jaguar decided to finish the project and build the remaining cars to the exact specifications of the original 12. Each will be hand-crafted from aluminum and, when complete, will be FIA compliant for historic motorsports events.

Not surprisingly, Jaguar expects demand from collectors to be high for these perfect reproductions.

The company has yet to reveal pricing but said it will give priority to established Jaguar collectors, especially those with historic race-car interests.

And, if you're lucky enough to become one of the chosen six, in addition to receiving a very rare car, you will also get an even more rare watch. Jaguar has partnered with British luxury watchmaker Bremont to create a set of six bespoke wristwatches inspired by -- and using the same materials as -- the GT-E-Type.