Members of the Alberta motorcycle community gathered together in Drayton Valley on Sunday to give a veteran biker one last ride.

Lloyd Patterson grew up building and racing motorcycles. Two years ago, he was diagnosed with cancer and given 15 months to live.

His son, Michael Patterson, told CTV Edmonton that it’s been difficult to watch as his dad lose the ability to ride, so he took to social media and asked for a volunteer.

“Every time I see him looking at the television or watching bikes go by, he always gets big bright-eyed," Michael told CTV Edmonton.

Biker Robert Olivier heeded the call, and took Patterson for a ride in his sidecar on Sunday. Dozens of other riders showed up to offer their support.

After it was over, Patterson said it was a “beautiful ride.”

“I haven't been feeling the best the last few days, but this has just brought everything a little brighter today,” he said.

“The only thing that would've been better is if I was behind the steering wheel,” Patterson added.

Olivier said the biker community is like a “brotherhood” and that members will do whatever they can to help each other out.

“To see that smile on his face, that's why I did it,” he added. “That meant the world to me and I'll remember that forever.”