Imagining a weekend camping trip conjures fond memories of the sound of the wind in the trees, the smell of toasting marshmallows and the perfect stillness of pristine nature.

Inevitably though, those happy memories are often marred by the less enjoyable realities of living wild: hundreds of bug bites, roots digging into your back in the middle of the night and trying to find a private patch of forest when nature calls.

For those who are deterred by these sometimes all-too-real wilderness experiences, but still want to get off the beaten path there is a solution that’s come from a rather unexpected place.

Just outside Seoul, South Korea, a chic new facility designed to appeal to even the most discerning of outdoorsmen and women opened in May, 2016.

ArchiWorkshop, a coalition of artisan architects, has designed and spent a year building the ultimate “glamping-ground” just outside the capital city. It is primed to draw nature enthusiasts from all over the world who don’t want to be distracted by discomfort when they are trying to enjoy the great outdoors.

“We want the visitors to be very close to the nature and have all the stress behind,” ArchiWorkshop spokesperson Hee-Jun Sim told in a telephone interview from Seoul. “When visitors go glamping, they can have comfort like the luxury hotels, but have the direct view to the nature.”

Nestled among the mountains and pine forests of the Ga-Pyeong region, where the site is located, are a series of rather unorthodox looking structures more reminiscent of new age Feng Shui than crackling fires and cramped tents.

Three large wooden buildings with vaulted, tent-like ceilings and tree trunk beams house the welcome centre and shared amenities for the site, including full kitchens, sitting and dining areas.


Main amenities buildings.


Live tree trunk beams add a natural décor element.

Further into the woods glampers will find their private semi-translucent sleeping structures called Rock Flowers and Dynamic Triangles – both of which are reflections of the surrounding nature.


Interior of the “Rock Flower” sleeping pods.


The “Dynamic Triangle” is designed to match the surrounding mountains.

“There were number of large rocks on the inclined steep hill and the flowers were growing between gaps,” reads an ArchiWorkshop press release. “The design intension is to express the glamping as flower buds on the rock.”

The fusion of nature and luxury is what makes the CDN$330 - $380 per-night site a must-visit destination.

“It is so unique because people have feeling of doing camping but the comforts are still there,” says Sim. “You will also enjoy the beauty of Korean nature. It is so private.”

Enjoying nature is not automatically associated with South Korea. Revitalizing the glamping scene is a new way of marketing the country, which has become a prime travel destination for jet-setters, and all the activities it has to offer.

And as for who would most enjoy a tour of the Korean wilds without sacrificing their creature comforts?

“All kinds of people,” says Sim.

“People who want the nature close, but still want the comforts of five-star hotels.”