TORONTO -- The number of confirmed COVID-19 infections in Canada is nearing 10,000 with 111 deaths and 1,541 people recovered. Here's what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Wage subsidy: Parliament is set to be recalled for another emergency sitting to consider a multibillion-dollar expansion to COVID-19 financial assistance measures, as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau restates the reality that Canada could be in for a months-long fight against the virus.

2. Medical supplies: Amid reports that some hospitals are rationing mask supplies amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Health Minister Patty Hajdu says Canada "likely did not have enough" personal protective equipment stockpiled ahead of time.

3. Rent relief: While there is some help for homeowners and small businesses, there is no specific plan to help individuals who are short on rent. breaks down what provincial governments are doing for residential tenants during the pandemic.

4. Differing symptoms: A married couple in Quebec who are both doctors and both tested positive for COVID-19 say their diagnoses show how little we really know about who is infected and how long the virus stays with them.

5. 'Echo pandemic': While the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 can be a life-threatening physical illness, it is also affecting the mental health of virtually everyone, whether they are infected or virus-free.

One more thing…

On the road: Going for a drive without stepping out of the car may seem like a fun self-isolated outing amid the COVID-19 pandemic, but here's why public health officials say it's not as good an idea as you might think.

Man goes for solo drive in vehicle