Two masked gunmen opened fire inside an upscale Vancouver restaurant this weekend, just weeks after a shooting at a Chinese eatery.

A 21-year-old woman and 29-year-old man were struck by bullets. Both were treated at hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

The shooting happened Saturday night at Quattro on Fourth, an award-winning Italian restaurant in Kitsilano.

"There was a large gathering, a birthday party, inside the restaurant," Vancouver police Insp. Bob Chapman told CTV British Columbia.

"It appears we had two unknown males, dressed in dark clothing and wearing masks, walk up to the patio and start shooting at a person through the glass."

Police said the male victim is known to them, and alleged he has possible gang connections and hasn't been co-operative with investigators.

"We know him, we have a previous history with him," said Chapman.

Last month, eight people were shot and two died after two masked gunmen opened fired inside the Fortune Happiness restaurant in the east side.

Police said those victims were targeted and the violence was likely gang-related. But they have not said whether the Fortune Happiness shooting is connected to Saturday's violence.

Quattro owner Antonio Corsi said the majority of his customers are regulars, but he didn't know the shooting victims.

"You cannot control it. You get the reservation and you don't know who they are," he said.

Corsi has spent decades trying to establish his restaurant.

"It takes 40 years of hard work to build something like this up, and then something like this happens," he said. "I just can't believe it."

Tim Sokol, who owns a coffee shop across the street from Quattro, said the shooting came as a shock for people in Kitsilano.

"I am concerned to hear there might be gang-related incidents in the neighbourhood," he said.

With a report from CTV British Columbia's Janet Dirks