Chef Michael Gray used pizza dough in place of traditional bread to create this tasty sandwich alternative.

Chipotle Chicken Club Sandwich


  • 1 pizza-style bread or naan flatbread
  • Chipotle Caesar dressing (your favourite Caesar dressing mixed 3:1 with chipotle paste)
  • Freshly grilled chicken breast seasoned with salt and pepper
  • 3 strips of crisp Applewood-smoked bacon
  • 4 slices of ripe tomatoe
  • 2 leaves of fresh green leaf lettuce


Season and grill the chicken breast and oven bake the bacon until crisp.

Lightly brush the presentation-side of the naan bread with garlic butter and sprinkle fresh Parmesan and crisp in the oven. The presentation-side will be the outside of the sandwich.

Cut the naan bread in half when toasted.

Spread both sides of the prepared naan bread with chipotle Caesar spread.

Top one half with butterflied chicken, crisp bacon strips, fresh lettuce and tomato.

Top with the second half of the naan bread. Hold together with sandwich picks and cut into appropriate portion sizes.

Serve with your favourite side (ours is cactus-cut potatoes) and some additional Caesar chipotle sauce as a dip.

Recipe by Michael Gray, the culinary director and executive chef at Boston Pizza.