Do you find your weight creeps up as the temperature goes down?  Colder weather often means less time outside being active and more time hibernating inside with computers, games, TV or good book.

Don’t avoid the season; get out and embrace it!  You’ll benefit from the fresh air and vitamin D, plus that “rosy-cheeked” feeling does wonders for your mood. 

Here are my 10 tips to keep your energy and motivation high!

1. Dress for it… it’s not so bad once you get out!

Tech fabrics have made it so much easier to stay warm outside without feeling like the Michelin Man.  There are two simple rules for dressing for winter activity:

Rule 1:  Think in three layers

Wicking– the layer closest to your skin; fabrics that pull the moisture away from the skin like luon, DryFit or Coolmax.

Warmth-- the middle layer; fabrics that insulate like wool or fleece.

Weather-proof -- the outer layer; fabrics that block the wind, rain and snow

Rule 2:  Dress like its 20 degrees warmer to ensure you keep comfortable once you are active.  Be sure you also factor in the wind; every 5 mph can make it feel 5 degrees colder!

2. Extend your playing season

Keep the basketball handy, play catch or head to the park.  With more streamlined winter gear, you can stay more agile and enjoy favourite outdoor activities even after the snow flies. 

3. Enjoy the elements times 4!

The added cold, clothes, snow and/or slippery surfaces require more muscles to fire running or walking, which could net you up to four times as many calories burned.  Winter activities are also some of the highest calorie-burners out there such as snowshoeing, skating, boarding and sledding, which burn from 300-500+ calories per hour. 

4. Winterize your workouts

If you are active outside, modify the following to make the most of your workouts and stay safe:

  • Take longer to warm up -- because it takes longer to warm up!
  • Modify your workout based on the temperature. It may feel tougher to breathe outside when it gets really cold.
  • Slow down when there’s rain, slush or snow.
  • Don’t skip your stretch. This will help to lengthen your muscles while you’re still warm.

5. Find active options inside

If you know you’re going to spend more time inside, find indoor options.  Try something new that you didn’t have time for this summer.  Arm yourself with options you can easily do while you watch your favourite shows such as:

  • Mini-trampoline
  • Resistance Bands
  • Strength Bars
  • Bender balls
  • Pilates balls

6. Get into a group

It’s easy to talk yourself out of a workout when it’s cold and dark outside.  Joining a group to workout keeps you more accountable and makes exercise more fun and social. 

7. Boost your morning routine

This applies anytime, but even more in the winter when we’re less active and more covered up.  Include 5 to 10 minutes of activity in your morning routine.  It can be anything from walking the dog a bit longer to some simple calisthenics or a few yoga postures.  It helps boost your energy and keeps you more conscious of making healthy choices throughout your day.

8. End your day active

Include 5 - 10 minutes of activity after dinner and before you crash on the couch.  It’ll help with your digestion and strengthen your will power against all winter comfort foods. 

Surveys show we can pack on about 5 to 7 pounds over the winter months.  Start now with a bit of planning so you can have the motivation and tools to ward off that weight gain and truly enjoy the Canadian winter!

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