Of the 100,000 or so apps available on the Apple App Store, hundreds are devoted to Christmas, ranging from apps that help you mix cocktails to those that help you keep track of those empty calories.

While the following apps are not Christmas-themed, they are designed to make the holiday season a little bit easier.

Livestrong Calorie Tracker, $2.99

'Twas the morning after Christmas, and all through the house were remnants of food from the week that just past.

That's when you realize that bulge in your belly may be harder to get rid of than you anticipated.

It could have been so much different if only you had downloaded the Livestrong Calorie Ticker, an iPhone app that not only tracks the calories of the food you eat, but also makes it easy to input all the exercise you've done.

With hundreds of different foods on its database, from Big Macs to Christmas turkeys, you'll always know what you're eating and, hopefully, avoid those calorie-stuffed fillers you don't necessarily need.

Red Laser - $1.99

You're at a store. The perfect gift leaps out at you. You want to buy it, but it costs a bit more than you want to spend. What if it's for sale at a better price online? What if it isn't?

With Red Laser, you can wonder no more. Using the iPhone's camera, Red Laser scans bar codes and cross checks prices using Google product search.

Although there are a handful of Canadian products that are supported by this application, some users complain that there ought to be more. Still, this is one application that could turn out to be a lifesaver, or at least a money saver.

Flight Track - $4.99

To many, Christmas equals travelling, which also means delayed flights and frantic phone calls to airlines.

With Flight Track, you'll be alerted to any changes in your itinerary, including changes in gate assignments. It's become one of the must-have apps for the iPhone.

Mixologist - free or 99c

The paid version this app comes with almost 8000 recipes for cocktails, martinis - really any drink that you can think of.

One of the neatest features is that the app can suggest drinks you could make based on the ingredients you have available.