The father of a murdered British Columbia real estate agent is offering a "substantial" reward and "relocation" to anyone connected to the crime who comes forward with information.

Jeff Buziak's public poster and letter campaign has raised the ire of police in Saanich, B.C. who have asked the public to ignore it.

Lindsay Buziak, 24, was stabbed to death in February 2008 inside a home she was showing, police say.

Although he won't say how much money is being offered as a reward, a letter being delivered to the public states it's "well beyond any amounts offered to this point."

The letter also states there's another option for anyone who comes forward.

"That option is an out for you of relocation, identity change, and payment of serious monies that will make the rest of your life enjoyable and free of all repercussions from this nightmare."

Buziak said he's lost faith in police and along with a group of volunteers is working seven days a week attempting to solve the case within legal limits.

"We're using every opportunity we have to try and assist in the investigation for the murder of my daughter Lindsay," he told CTV Vancouver Island.

"We're missing a critical piece of information to close this case finally and so we'll go to any lengths to do that," Buziak said.

Saanich police Sgt. Dean Jantzen said Buziak's offer a reward and relocation isn't condoned by investigators.

"This is something that is done outside the purview of the investigation and it has no legitimacy or authority behind it," he told CTV Vancouver Island.

"We would encourage people, again, if they receive this to ignore any offers that might have been made," he said.

Jantzen said relocation offers do exist, but they're put forward by police and not members of the public.

He said police are committed to solving the murder.

"We continue to investigate this and we have applied many resources to it. We are here to see it through to the end and we're hopeful for a successful outcome," he said.

Jeff Buziak isn't convinced.

"I question the energy, the resolve and the dedication they have to solving this case," he said.

"We're over four years now . . . we have no suspects, we have no arrests and we have no new information," Buziak said.

Buziak's supporters are also canvassing the neighbourhood where his daughter was killed and distributing the letters requesting information.

"I'm a father. Someone butchered my daughter. I think any father would hunt these people down," he said.

"That's what motivates me every day."

With files from CTV Vancouver Island's Andrew Johnson