It's a small amount of money, but a source of big frustration for a man in Dartmouth. The Town of Antigonish mailed him a parking ticket, but he says he's never been there.

Mike Windrum received the parking ticket earlier this week.

He called the Town of Antigonish to tell them that his boss could vouch for him being at work in Dartmouth all day.

That wasn't enough proof.

"Unless I can prove that my car was not in front of their library, then I was on the hook for a $10 ticket," says Windrum.

The by-law enforcement officers in Antigonish did not return our calls. Halifax Regional Municipality did respond.

In the Halifax area there are two stages to fighting a ticket. The first is a call to the city.

"For example, the plate number, the car maker, model, expiry date -- that kind of information – if there seems to be a discrepancy, the ticket could be cancelled," says HRM Communications Advisor Michaelyne Thompson.

Windrum says he shouldn't have to take it that far. He has the paperwork to prove his car was in a Dartmouth repair shop the day the ticket was written in Antigonish.

Windrum says the whole thing is a matter of principle.

"It's only ten-dollars, but if they've done it to me, who else did they do it to?"

He's not prepared to drive to Antigonish to argue it out in court. He believes it would cost him $30 in gas, which is a lot to spend to fight a $10 fine.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Ron Shaw