A Calgary man wants to clear the road in his neighbourhood but the city shut him down.

Brian Enright was planning to use his backhoe to clear his residential road but when he called 311 to let them know, they told him he couldn't do it.

"I just shook my head and went yeah, like everybody's stressed and on overtime, everybody's out working...someone who wants to do it on their own they're really handcuffed," says Enright.

The city says it's a liability issue that prevents them from allowing citizens to pitch in.

The roads are so bad in some communities that both fire and EMS officials admit their vehicles have been getting stuck in the past few days.

Both departments say they have plans in place if their vehicles get stuck, including backup crews and tow trucks.

Calgary EMS says despite the bad roads, patient care is not being compromised. "Every ambulance has a paramedic on board, an advance life support trained paramedic so the patient on board, regardless of their medical condition, is receiving extremely high quality of care," says Ian McEwan from Calgary EMS.

On Tuesday, the city asked people not to call 311 to complain about the snow on residential streets. Now the city says it is welcoming calls but only about roads that are considered impassable.