CALGARY - A Toronto woman says she felt threatened by an email she says she got from a former Stephen Harper adviser concerning WikiLeaks.

Janet Reymond says she was "outraged" after Tom Flanagan recently suggested the founder of WikiLeaks should be killed.

Flanagan, now a University of Calgary professor, has since apologized, but Calgary police are investigating the comment.

Reymond told The Canadian Press she emailed Flanagan after his televised remark and he replied, "Better be careful, we know where you live."

Reymond called Toronto police, who told her it was "borderline" whether it could be considered a threat.

She also called police in Calgary, but was told she would have to make any complaint in person.

Reymond says she is not asking that criminal charges be laid against Flanagan, just that he apologize and assure her that he won't harm her.

Flanagan did not reply to requests for an interview.