Colorado was the first American state to start selling legalized recreational marijuana, resulting in some quirky outcomes.

Here are 15 key things W5 came across while researching marijuana legalization in Colorado:

  1. In Colorado you can buy a wide range of marijuana-infused food and drinks including microwave popcorn, Baba ghanoush, peanut butter sandwiches and chai tea.
  2. When arriving to visit Denver, you can get a pot-friendly airport pick up. The service will collect you at the airport, bring you to a marijuana dispensary and then drop you off at your hotel.
  3. Once you have arrived in Denver you can stay at something called a “Bud and Breakfast.” You are served marijuana with your morning cup of coffee and later in the day there is a 4:20 happy hour which includes hors d’oeuvres plus multiple strains of cannabis.
  4. There are many marijuana-enhanced activities for locals and tourists alike. You can take high yoga, cooking and art classes. You can also get cannabis massage therapy.
  5. The budding marijuana business has led to people to specialize in marijuana-focused professions including real estate agents for marijuana properties and accountants focused on cannabis-related businesses.
  6. To make purchasing weed easier, a marijuana vending machine, ZaZZZ, has been introduced. However, the machine is only allowed to operate in a marijuana dispensary, for now.
  7. A U.S. pizza chain is looking to develop a line of marijuana-laced pizza sauces that can be sold in states where marijuana is legal.
  8. When weed sales became legal, a Colorado sushi chain released a sushi and marijuana parings menu including combos like Pakalolo Shrimp with Pakistani Kush and Honey Miso Salmon with Sour OG.
  9. One Internet provider is providing weed aficionados and pot businesses with 420 phone numbers.
  10. One company, based in Washington state where marijuana is also legal, is looking to make a fleet of marijuana food trucks. They sell things like peanut butter and jelly, pulled pork and grilled cheese sandwiches along with tomato soup -- all infused with THC. One truck visited Denver, Colo. for the Cannabis Cup festival this year.
  11. Marijuana retailers took advantage of the Black Friday craze with “Green Friday” sales held on the same day, offering weed consumers a discount on goods to get high.
  12. There is a burgeoning marijuana wedding industry, with some florists working marijuana buds into wedding bouquets and boutonnieres, or “bud-tonnieres” as they are calling them. Some couples are also offering marijuana bars at their celebrations.
  13. A wide range of marijuana industry training courses have cropped up. Students can take classes from places such as THC University, which offers online courses, or the Grow School located in Denver.
  14. Denver has banned the sale of marijuana related souvenirs at the airport, fearing this could taint the state’s image.
  15. Last Halloween, Denver police issued a PSA warning parents about marijuana-infused Halloween candy. However, in the end there were no recorded incidents of kids receiving cannabis tainted candies while trick-or-treating.